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Ma. Celine Flores Tolentino.
♥GRFDS :"">
BABE! >:D<


In a world full of strangers, we we're blessed to meet a girl oozing with confidence.
With an amazing personality, creative imagination and a very forgiving heart.
She doesn't know how blessed we are to have her as a sister and as a friend.
To be with her is an honor. Others think of her as a quiet person
but when you get to know her, spend time with her, her laugh like a villain,
see her cry painfully and to know how much she's craving for Taho.
You'll discover that she's something more.
Through thick and thin, she'll be a friend and for all the time we spent together,
and the memories we shared.
We saw the different side of her and we love her for that.
All the special memories remain safe in our hearts.
Sealed with the promise of forever. For almost a year,
we remain inseparable and we hope that for the upcoming years, nothing will change.
We will remain the same. We are proud to love a girl with a very special part in our life.
Ma. Celine Flores Tolentino, happy birthday and we love you.♥

- From my very loving, sweet and pretty friends
Kathlyn 'bibbon' Beleno, Nina Althea Cruz,
Jhayra Villalon, Samantha Carpio, Edjane Bea Gunitinias,
Yzabel Francisco& Mara Angela Bautista :* >:D< :">




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